One-on-One Mentoring Sessions range from $400-$600

Caroline Maxcy's Mentoring Sessions are a 3-5 hour one-on-one personalized educational session uniquely geared to your specific photography educational needs. If you’re an amateur or budding photography professional looking to develop your craft and hone your skills, this is absolutely for you! Or if you are simply looking for one-on-one hands on instruction for getting to know your camera better this is for you too!

For the Photographer Entrepreneur: The Mentoring Session is all about starting right where you are and building something. It is about establishing a firm foundation and providing you with the tools and inspiration to find your niche in photography. We will focus on the essentials unique to you for growing a photography business, from shooting principles, to editing and workflow, to crafting your own unique style and voice, while nurturing the heart behind it all.

We want you to flourish. To bloom where you’re planted, as they say, so that you are being the best you can be. Caroline's Mentoring Sessions will help you identify strengths and weaknesses, create a clearer picture of where you want to be and help you find the inspiration and motivation to keep pressing in to your creativity!

Some of the things you can expect from your Custom One-on-One Mentoring Session:

• customized education crafted for you specific goals in the areas of advancing technical skill, shooting principles, working with people (and loving it!), editing and workflow, establishing your business, pricing, "sticky situations"and finding balance.
• a walk through Caroline's process and workflow in shooting, editing and delivering a final product.
• an on-location photo session where you get the opportunity to learn in action by shooting side by side with Caroline and receive feedback along the way.

Inquire below for more details and let's get started!

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