Caroline Maxcy Photography is a fine art film and digital
wedding, portrait and lifestyle photography business based in central Florida.


About the Photographer

Over the course of a decade Caroline has been telling stories with her camera across the globe. But it has been over a lifetime (which is a few more decades) where she has developed a curious, artful and imaginative way of seeing that fuels her work today.

"It is not about the camera or the lens or the hand that presses the shutter. It is a way of seeing the world, the genuine story that is forever being told within it and all around us. And what you can expect to see in my work is a view into a bit of the gloriousness, whether it be people or places or experiences, that God has brought along my path that I simply marveled at then ventured to capture in the best way possible with open eyes and an open heart." - Caroline


Born in raised in Central Florida Caroline, mesmerized by the world around her, decided it was her destiny to be an artist at the age of five. After achieving her Bachelors in Studio Art from Florida State University where she focused on Design and Photography, she practiced in the field of design for six years before returning to school for her Masters in Graphic Design from North Carolina State University in 2010. It was through this journey and in her educational experience that she honed her artistic craft and developed a "way of seeing" that fuels her photography today.


Caroline captures love and life and celebration as a full time photographer from her home base in Central Florida. She lives with her husband (plus kitty and pup) and runs her at home business from their lakeside home in the heart of Highlands County, FL with the most beautiful afternoon light. Together they run the day to day life and discipleship at The Great Commission Bible Institute as the Directors and Dorm Parents to the 20+ young adult students living at their “summer camp style” lakeside campus. Naturally, adventure abounds.

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I am a sentimental person. I tear up at every wedding I photograph at some point. Yep, every single one. Eyes blurred with tears could say to people that I am not doing my job, but to me fully cherishing the moment means that I am. 

I find it to be the most painful thing ever to turn down the invitation for adventure. Thus, I rarely if ever do.

Jesus is my main man. And walking in a relationship with Him brings a peace that surpasses all understanding and a joy beyond all measure.

I love people and especially love their stories. I have dreams of traveling the world one day collecting these stories in my heart (and maybe with my camera and pen too).

I play the piano and the ukulele (in order of skill). Mostly while worshiping in my home. On the occasion in public. Always while singing. And preferably with others by my side.

I decided it was my destiny to become an artist when I won an honorable mention in an art contest in kindergarten. I now lovingly judge art contests for kindergarteners.

I am captivated by the "new". Traveling and seeing new places fuels my soul. Missions work and meeting new and beautiful people fuels my heart. 

I despise getting up before the sun. Even for a day at Disney World, which I truly believe is the happiest place on earth. Yes, even for that. I will, however, get up before the sun for a beautiful experience, a breathtaking sunrise, the Disney Princess Half Marathon and the occasional early morning photo shoot. But please bring coffee. Preferably with sugar and cream.

I laugh when people fall, or trip, or drop a whole pile of things or hurt themselves in some minor way. I never find major injuries or matters of a hurting heart humorous, but someone else's stubbed toe cracks me up every single time. Some might say, this is a problem. 

It doesn't matter how stressed, or busy, or emotionally drained or frustrated or frantic I am on any particular day, when I arrive at a shoot out in God's glorious creation with some of His beloved children all else fades away. Every time. And it feels a bit like how I imagine heaven will feel.

I love what I do. It brings tears to these sentimental eyes when I stand in His creation, or when I get to hear and tell someone's story, or when I get to marvel at what we captured together.

I am truly blessed.

xoxo, Caroline


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