Katie + Nate — Sebring, FL Wedding Photography

Two years ago (almost to the day) I ran into one of my sister's friends at a local event, the 12 Hours of Sebring Race Gala. Katie, donned in a gown and sash was officially Miss 12 Hours of Sebring that year. (This fact should have given me a hint into Katie's "secret skills" which made her easily one of my favorite brides to shoot but I was still in the dark at this point.) We chatted as acquaintances about my sister who was currently living in South America. As I spoke about my adventures visiting her, Katie's eyes widen. She began to speak with equal parts seriousness and excitement, "Tell me the next time you are making plans to visit her. I would absolutely love to go. Serious." A year and a half later Katie and I are hopping on a plane together, passports and travel itineraries in hand, with 15 days worth of clothing and gear for an adventure in Peru.  

When we landed in Lima Katie (quite the experienced traveler) was ready to hit the ground running exploring the streets of the city near my sister's apartment, the ocean front district of Miraflores. My sister (having a much better understanding of the intensity of our two week travel itinerary ahead of us where we would be up before the sun most mornings trekking all over Peru) opted for sleeping in and relaxing most of the first few days we spent with her in Lima. So I–determined not to miss out on adventure–hit the streets with Katie and my camera. Lima is rich with historical architecture and beautiful urban landscapes. Patterns and colors and textures were everywhere we looked. It was a visual artist's heaven. But I couldn't just photograph the walls around me. I needed "someone" in the image to bring it to life...

"Katieeeeeeee... would you mind going and standing next to that interesting looking gate-thing across the street?" Flashing my sweetest of sweet grins for my new friend.

And here is where the "secret skill" was revealed. Katie would casually stand next to the wall in just the perfect off center spot, gaze off to the side and snap... magic happened. Katie was a model in disguise. The girl could seriously rock a pose and quite effortlessly at that. She became my instant model for the trip and pictures of Katie in front of interesting blue doors, intricate iron gates, ancient Incan ruins and the occasional antique shop flooded my instagram feed. The girl never seemed to tire. We were a fantastic team. 

As the trip trekked on Katie and I, who were once casual acquaintances, became fast friends (let alone super compatible travel companions). And I came to find that the beauty I saw in front of the camera had a heart to match. 

I was already signed up to photograph her upcoming February nuptials and I couldn't wait to get this gorgeous girl in front of my camera again on her big day. Katie didn't disappoint. (Bonus secret: her hubby, Nate, is equally as sweet and awesome in front of the camera too.) These two make quite the gorgeous pair! Just you wait and see in the images below. 

Thank you Katie and Nate for your friendship and for inviting me to capture your glorious celebration of love on your wedding day! And Katie, I am up for our next adventure whenever you are.