Baby Abby — Sebring, Florida Newborn Photography

I know I talk a lot about loving my job... I can't help it, I really do. One of my favorite parts is the invitation. I am honored and blessed to be invited into the most priced, precious and intimate moments in people's lives. On a wedding day I get to follow around the stars of the day. I am there when they see themselves for the first time in the mirror, dab away tears, hug their momma, kiss their dad on their cheek just on the other side of the chapel doors. I am there when the bride and groom get their first few moments alone as a Mr. and Mrs., when they laugh while talking about the day and when they stand in awe of the new journey and commitment ahead of them, from this day forward. I have to admit, I feel kinda special. And when I walk into a warm home with a little one, a star, just a few days old all bundled up and new I can't help but to feel honored. When the rest of the world goes on outside their doors the home of new parents stands in a world of it's own for a bit. It is a sacred place. You can feel it. And I get to be there. I get to ooo and aww and cuddle some of the most precious little things, long before the rest of the world gets to. Yeah, I love my job.

Last month the little star I got to meet was the perfect little Abby Caroline. Thanks Dusty and Laura for inviting me in.