Spa Day — Miami, FL Lifestyle Photography & Videography

If you follow me on Facebook (and you should do that by clicking here and liking my page) you would have seen about a month back that I signed up for a 4 week DSLR Video class with the Define School online. Not that I am necessarily looking to add any videography into my professional packages (yet) but I have lots of ideas floating around up there that I feel would lend themselves quite nicely to the artistic medium of video. And in my true fashion if I am going to try something I am going to try it right and attempt get the best education on the subject available to me (that my schedule and budget will allow). The Define School DSLR Video 101 class has been just that and I gather each week in an online forum with a handful of other students to learn, to explore, to make mistakes, to encourage and to grow.

Each week we have to post a video as homework with varying challenges. Last week we explored the technical side of our camera, played with settings and looked at how that effected our outcome. This week we learned a bit more about support equipment and creative shooting styles and how they each tell a different story. Then were encouraged to get out there and explore with telling our own story.

My mom, my sis and I have been trying to put together a birthday spa day since February. This weekend the stars aligned and we were off to the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne (just 10 mins. from my sister's Miami apartment) for a day of relaxation. And, of course, I brought my camera along and thought I'd share. This is a feeble attempt at creating something that looks even the slightest bit professional. After learning about all the awesome support equipment out there available to up the professional production quality of your videos I was inspired and swiveled in my chair to look at my measly supply of equipment that includes a single tripod. But never-the-less I was going to work that tripod. And then... I forgot my tripod. The faux spanning, panning, tilting and trucking is painful at times. But I did learn through the process and at the very least have a little keepsake from the weekend.

Happy long over due birthday weekend, mom and sis!