Alaina + Jeremiah — Sebring, FL Wedding Photography

I seriously love weddings. If you happened to make it over to my "about" page you would find that you could probably catch me tearing up at lease once at every wedding I photograph. Yep, I am a full fledge softy when it comes to love stories. But I am an extra sentimental person when it comes to the love stories of those near and dear to my heart, my family. Last year I sat across the table from my cousin Alaina and her fiancé Jeremiah (JJ) at a local coffee shop and gushed at their love story. Jeremiah's best friend is Alaina's older brother Zach and they had hung around each other a lot, but JJ still remembers the exact place he stood when his eyes were open to Alaina. He remembers telling Zach, "your sister looks beautiful." I think Zach probably squirmed a bit. :) Then he waited... and watched the way she interacted with people... the way she worshiped the Lord and... he fell... head. over. heels. And earlier this year, he made her his everlasting bride. Tear.

Here are a few glimpses into that beautiful day at the Kenilworth Lodge in Sebring, FL. Congrats Alaina & JJ!

You may remember my "Daddy Daughter" post from early April about the bittersweet side of Alaina & JJ's celebration where I filmed a daddy-daughter dance in November with Alaina and my uncle Dennis just a month before he passed away from terminal cancer. Check out that post and video by clicking here.