From my Backyard to Mexico and Back — Mexico Missions Trip Videography

Not that anyone is holding their breath for my blog posts but I know that it has been a bit of a long while since I last shared with you all. This summer has been wonderfully full. And while I have been booking and photo shooting all the long the way from a family session at a blueberry farm, to a beautiful baby bump, to my very first boudoir session, to a vintage guitar with a story, a good chunk of my summer has been filled with some incredible opportunities for ministry (my other full time, volunteer, job).

Mid June I loaded up a handful of youth girls in my car on a Sunday night and didn't leave their side until that Friday. We had our Summer Youth Camp, entitled "Be" right in our home town of Sebring, FL where we learned to serve and love our neighbors, being the "hands and feet" of God, right in our backyard. The week took us everywhere from the basketball courts of an inner city neighborhood to singing in the halls of nursing homes and I was the 24/7 mom to an incredible group of young women walking alongside them all along the way. But that is a whole post all on it's own that'll come at a later date...

With just two days to catch up on sleep and laundry I hopped on a plane with another group of incredible youth kids to journey across the US then across the border to spend a week in the Gaudalupe Valley of Mexico. On a missions trip lead by Phil and Mindy Steiner of Be2Live we served and loved on the kids of Casa de Paz orphanage in El Porvenir, Baja California, Mexico. While my head and body is still exhausted from the trip my heart is full and I hope to share more about all of these experiences soon (after I get a little caught up on all the photo work I have been neglecting over the past few weeks). In the meantime I wanted to share with you a glimpse into my Mexico experience through a video I pulled together for a presentation in church this past weekend. This was a seriously quick edit but definitely gives you a feel of the work God allowed us to be a part of for a time.