Welcome to the World, Hunter! — Sebring, FL Birth Photography

Just one month ago I got the call and walked through the doors of Florida Hospital in Sebring, FL just past midnight on a Saturday morning. Nine hours, over 1000 pictures and videos and a whole mess of joyful tears later we welcomed my nephew Hunter Brooks Maxcy into the world and I witnessed it all, yep, all of it, in an experience that I can describe as nothing less than miraculous.  As Hunter took his first wailing breaths in this world as they laid him on his mother's chest, quivering lip and all, I couldn't help but to think about how this is how we all begin, right here. Wailing and terrified and beautiful all at once. And with many prayers and lots of love this little guy will one day be 18 and then 40 and then, lord-willing 80 someday (and maybe even way beyond that, who knows where health and technology will be 80 years from now). But this day, right there in that moment his journey in this world began in one of the best birthday parties I've ever experienced. Thanks for inviting me, Chet and Jen! And, of course, welcome to the world, Hunter Brooks Maxcy!