Kim + Richard — Sebring, FL Wedding Photography

In case you hadn't noticed today is February 14th folks. The day of love. And one year ago I was launching a love of my own. Yep, on February 14, 2013 I launch Caroline Maxcy Photography as you see it today. New branding, new website, new blog, new life behind it all. We had a party complete with heart shaped cookies and a pink ombre cake (there were giant balloons too, which were a big hit with the kiddos, but most of those didn't last through the evening). It was fantastic! And after a year of refining that business, collecting Facebook likes and telling beautiful stories I can say that I am more than ever excited about what the future holds.

I have brought on Sarah Sandel, whom I simply adore, as a sort of "Studio Manager." She is a fantastic person to bounce creative ideas off of, to collaborate with on fun projects and shoots and to help me better run my business (she keeps me organized and on track too. Bonus!). We even just announced today our This is the Day Workshops dates for this year. Yay! If you are looking to learn more about your "fancy" camera to better capture your everyday life or if you are looking to grow a photography business (like myself) you can check out all the details here about what it is all about and what to expect. And you should come on along. Serious both workshops are going to be at the most adorable artist's studio/log cabin on a lake that is oh-so-inspiring, there will be yummy food, lots of coffee and even better conversation and opportunities to grow in a creative community all. day. long.

And lastly February 14th this year has my heart all a flutter because it is the first year I have had a "Valentine" in… well… a long time. The Lord has taken me through a journey and a process of brokenness and healing that landed me in the path of a pretty incredible guy. And I think that is kinda cool. Seriously though, my love for Valentines Day has grown more in the years when I was single than any other year. It was a time to focus on other loves, like friends and family and even my clients (I love you all!). But ultimately it allowed me to focus on the best of all kind of love, the love that comes from our Savior and I never want to loose that. So as I head out to pick up a V-day gift for my hunny (yes, I waited to the 14th to get this) as promised, I leave you all with one last celebration of love from 2013. The wedding of Kim & Richard...

When I meet with Kim and Richard earlier last year I was invited to their beautiful lakeside Sebring vacation home to sit down at their dinning room table and chat details. And from the moment Kim opened the door to her warm home, smile beaming I knew this was going to be a good one. Kim is the definition of sweetness. She seriously glows, y'all, and the glow can't helped to be contagious. After any amount of time in her presence you kinda feel like you are glowing too. We chatted details and logistics, talked about flowers and timelines and albums and on and on through all their exciting details (you know I love this part.) Then it came time for me to ask them about "their story" the love story that brought the two of them together. Richard, who had been quietly sitting on the couch for the length of this meeting, leapt to his feet spread his arms wide and with the biggest grin on his face headed over to the dining room table with Kim and I. "Let me begin…" he said, smiling through the entire story starting at their meeting at The 12 Hours of Sebring and ending with their plans to marry at one of Sebring's most beloved restored historic sites, The Circle Theater. My heart skipped a few beats I am sure. What delight these two have been since moment one and I was simply thrilled to be their on their wedding day to capture all the joy, all the love and all the fantastic celebration of their future together as husband and wife.


A few more thanks goes all to all the other folks that helped make this day so special for Kim & Richard…

Second Shooter - Sarah Sandel 
Wedding Coordinator - Callie Maddox
Florist - Hobby Hill Florist
Venue - The Circle Theater (built in 1923)
Cake - Lisa Thomas of Cakes 'n More in Sebring
The Band - FunkMonster (found through