Emma + Eric — Lake Placid, FL Engagement Photography

This weekend marks it… the beginning of my 2014 weddings! I am soooo looking forward to this year and the couples I get to join with on their "BEST DAY EVER" experiences to capture all the love. So far 2014 is taking me all the way from a restored historic landmark in the heart of North Carolina's capitol to a Ringling Brother's mansion on the southwest coast of Florida but we start off right here in the hometown warmth of central Florida with Emma and Eric's home grown celebration. Can't wait! We just so happened to get around to their engagement photos at Emma's family's home (and the reception location) just a few weeks ago and I am dying over what we captured. These two were so super sweet together and totally ate up the camera (even with Eric just a little under the weather, you never would have know. What a trooper!). Well, now that the two of you have the "being awesome in front of the camera" thing down let's get you married. :)