Godwin Girls — A Mother's Day Treat — Central Florida Lifestyle Photography

Mother's Day is literally just around the corner. I'm not always this on top of gifts but I've had my gift for my mom for about 2 weeks already now (insert pat on my back.) And you'll never guess it but it is "photo related", duh (shhhh... don't tell my mom). Seriously, I don't just push photography because it is my profession but I truly believe in the value of capturing a moment and sharing it for generations to come. Life changes and moves on. The kids grow up. People come and go. Life will never be the same again as it is today, right here. So let's celebrate and say thanks for this moment!

These sweet Godwin girls hopped in front of my camera, looking all gorgeous, a few weeks back in a sweet treat to their mom (they even agreed to wear matching dresses!). We spent a sunny afternoon wandering around Miss Cindy's Gardens in Sebring, FL capturing gorgeous smiles, lovely light and all the love between these girls and their momma. What a great idea! And this is what I am freely offering to you all if you haven't been quite so on top of the Mother's Day gift thing this year (I've been with you in many-a-past years). Caroline Maxcy Photography offers gift certifications and I'll even send along a beautifully designed certificate for you to present to your adoring mom come Sunday. Just click here to message me about your gift and let's get to capturing and celebrating this beautiful moment in life.