Sugarcane Inspired Styled Shoot — Florida Film Photography — Lake Placid, FL

In reflecting on the last year I took some time to note things that had given me life or drained me in the past. (It’s an effort in aiding in decision making for this “decision fatigued” gal right here. And the idea is all thanks to Emily P. Freeman and her “The Next Right Thing” podcast!) Something that undeniable breathed life in to my work and inspiration was the process of shooting creatively with film. (You can check out my past blog post about the process and love affair by clicking here and here.) So I set out to spend more time behind my film camera pointing it at beautiful things and lovely light by marking down a few “inspired styled shoots” in my calendar. This is the very first of them.

On a trip down to Miami a few weeks back we began that looooooong stretch in south central Florida of nothing but flat fields and power lines as far as the eye can see. And… sugarcane! You guys the sight of sugarcane in bloom is truly breathtaking. The wispy, white tassel of a bloom sparkling in the sunlight is what photographers dreams are made of. I quickly remembered a local sugarcane field in my hometown and shot a message off to Sugar Sand Distillery to see if their cane was in bloom and if I could come snap some photos with a model or two. Fast forward to a week and a half ago on the dreamiest of golden afternoons, add in two gorgeous models (and friends!) plus a sparkly wedding dress, a floppy hat and a handful of blooms and we have the makings of some things that take my breath away…

xoxo, Caroline

Models: Destiny Lewis and Hannah Cribbs
Wedding Dress: Sarah Seven from Calvet Couture
Location: Sugar Sand Distillery
Florals: Publix
Camera and Lens: Contax 645 with Carl Zeiss 80mm F/2
Film: Fujifilm Pro 400H
Film processing: The Find Lab


Just a little peek behind the scenes with me and the modeling gang.