Bok Tower Gardens Wedding Photography — Harley + Austin Wedding Preview — Lake Wales, FL

When Harley and Austin contacted me about photographing their intimate wedding celebration on a Thursday in September I was immediately curious about the significance of the date. Some folks like to get married on dating anniversaries or their own parent's wedding anniversary or... as in the case with Harley and Austin, a date that is easy to remember. 09/19/19 it was for them and it was a lovely September Thursday indeed.

I commend them. We didn't think about the memorability of our wedding day. I routinely think it is the day before (and have even asked my husband if we could just unofficially change it to match my forgetful mind. Because seriously how memorable is 09/26/15?!) Yep, our anniversary was last week. Luckily I remembered it this year! And even though we didn't do any specific celebrating that day due to busy schedules we headed off for a weekend of a Friday night Disney date and relaxing poolside at the Ritz for a spell before my busy fall and holiday photo season really gets going.

I was absolutely delighted to start things off this fall capturing Harley and Austin's truly memorable wedding celebration at Bok Tower Garden's last week and just had to give you all a peek into their sunny garden day. Congrats you two! 

xoxo, Caroline

Bok Tower Gardens Wedding Photography with Caroline Maxcy Photography

Bok Tower Gardens Wedding Photography with Caroline Maxcy Photography