Happy 4th of July! — Glamour Filled Red, White and Blue Wedding Photography Inspiration — The Acre Orlando

Here's a little classy red, white and blue wedding glamour at The Acre Orlando for you all on this fine Independence Day! Thank to all who came together to bring us this beauty at this Rising Tide Society, Tuesdays Together Lakeland styled shoot. I loved the road trip up to The Acre Orlando with my super talented sis-in-law Jen Maxcy with Hair and Beauty by Jen to capture all the loveliness she and the rest of our talented team pulled together (credits below). Enjoy, enjoy!

Happy 4th, y'all! And thank you to all the brave men and women that serve to keep this the land of the free from sea to shining sea. <3

xoxo, Caroline



In collaboration with the Rising Tide Society, Tuesday's Together Lakeland crew
Photography: Caroline Maxcy Photography (shown here) and Love, Asha Photography
Hair and Makeup: Hair and Beauty by Jen (Jen Maxcy)
Florals and Design: DHS Design Guild / The Wild Hare Flowers
Location: The Acre Orlando
Models: Natalie DePerez and Ethan Keen
Film Camera Rental: Contax Rentals
Film Developing and Processing: The Find Lab

You'll find a mix of both film and digital captures in the images below. If you have a hankering for the romance of that film look on your wedding day let's chat about adding it to your wedding day photography package. Enjoy!

Heartland Living Magazine Wedding Shoot — Colorful Central Florida Wedding Photography Inspiration — Sebring, FL

There's no denying that I love weddings. My heart literally soars with excitement over all the details, all the emotions and the celebration of two souls becoming one. But being a fairly new bride myself (Here's to a year and a half of blissful marriage!) I am no stranger to the stress that comes along with planning such a thing. Praise the dear Lord for wedding planners (seriously, if you are a bride and not a wedding planner yourself, hire one pronto!). And praise the dear Lord to for all the access to full on I-N-S-P-I-R-A-T-I-O-N we have everywhere from Pinterest to our friends wedding photos. So each year when it comes time for Heartland Living Magazine's wedding issue to come together I jump at the chance to collaborate and point my lens at some of the most inspiring wedding ideas, tips and trends the team pulls together. After hitting the road to the Boca Grande gulf coast beach last year (you can check out that shoot by clicking here) we decided to keep things local and ventured just down the road to The Barn at Paso Fino for some hometown, bright and colorful inspiration complete with gorgeous oversized blooms, citrus themed fun and all the pops of color you could hope for. Thanks to all the folks that came together to make this photographers heart oh-so-happy when peering through my lens!


Heartland Living Magazine
Photography: Caroline Maxcy Photography
Hair and Makeup: Hair and Beauty by Jen (Jen Maxcy)
Attire: Angelique Bridal Boutique
Florals and Design: DHS Design Guild / The Wild Hare Flowers
Event Design and Naked Wedding Cake: Pink Pineapple
Painted Cake: Cookie Jar Bakeshop
Jewelry: Highlands Master Jewelers
Invitation Design: Kristy's Kreatives
Location: The Barn at Paso Fino
Models: Jess Anderson Talent (Models: Abby Sinclair, Dak Murphy, Vanessa Vasquez, Sarah Schermerhorn, Mason Hill, Zakera Barnes)
Film Camera Rental: Contax Rentals
Film Developing and Processing: The Find Lab

I shot thousands (yes thousands) of digital photos along with nearly 5 rolls of FujiPro 400H film in the span of our long afternoon for this shoot. You'll find a mix of both in the images below. See if you can tell the difference! And if you have a hankering for the romance of that film look on your wedding day let's chat about adding it to your wedding day photography package. Enjoy!

Heather + James — Central Florida Engagement Photography — Wauchula, FL

These two are getting married tomorrow and I can't wait! Especially after all this sweetness we captured at their Central Florida engagement session last fall complete with gorgeous sprawling Old Florida ranch loveliness and a even a vintage Ford. Aren't they the cutest?? Can't wait to see them all gussied up in their wedding day duds tomorrow and capture the love all the way down the aisle to "I do!"

xoxo, Caroline

Margaret + Andrew Wedding Day Sneak Peek — Sebring, FL Wedding Photography

A week ago these two were in the midst of the wedding day "getting ready" process before saying "I do!" And even though the rain pushed them indoors come ceremony time this pair was nothing but sunshine, smiles and happy tears through and through. What a joy it was to celebrate alongside them! Congrats Margaret and Andrew! 

xoxo, Caroline

Margaret + Andrew — Sebring, Florida wedding photography with Caroline Maxcy Photography.

Margaret + Andrew — Sebring, Florida wedding photography with Caroline Maxcy Photography.

Hope in the Darkness — Christmas Time Reflections

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of speaking at the Bible Fellowship Church Women's Christmas Tea. Along with two other precious ladies I was able to share the way the Lord has so graciously weaved "hope" into the story of my life. You can check out my notes/thoughts from that part of my story here:

Hope in the Dark

There is a lot that goes into taking a photograph. There is the natural eye for things, compositional rules, always keeping an eye out for the background the image, the story that is being told, not to mention mastering your tools and growing in your technical skills. But my all time favorite part about capturing an image is finding the light. I have found that as a photographer I enjoy all the light, all the time. Give it ALL to me! Of course many a gorgeous images can be capture on the grayest of cloudy days in that giant lightbox our atmosphere becomes. But I'll give those gorgeous images all away for that blinding sun and the hazy, warmth that is ushered into an image in its presence.

I found that throughout my life this seemed to be the same way I was treating God; begging for all his glory, all his blessings, all His light all the time. Once you have basked in the blinding light of our God you ache in its perceived absence. But the problem is that we don't live in a world of constant sunshine. God created the day and the night, the light and the dark, times of blinding goodness and times without.

But contrary to all my understanding I have found that the times when I have seen God most clearly was in the dark. 

For 34 years I woke up on Christmas morning, shuffled to the living room and plopped down in a sea of presents, warmth and the glow of the family christmas tree filled with lots of family love. No matter how far away my current place in life may have had me living I always seemed to make it home… for 34 years. 

Each year was unique in its own. Some years my dad read the Christmas story straight from the gospels. Some years my mom had a camcorder on her shoulder (one of those super-duper heavy ones that recorded on a full sized VHS that I have no idea where they might be now-a-days.) For probably 15 years straight I would get a new Precious Moment's figurine (which was not so much fun as a kid but are probably worth a good bit of money now-a-days). Some years we were coaxed out of bed by the smell of cinnamon rolls, others breakfast casseroles (yes, we were the kids that had to be coaxed out of bed). I remember the year my brother convinced me to sneak out of my room and sleepy-eyed peer into the living room and I watched in shock as my mom and dad wrapped our presents! That image is burned into my memory for all of time. And while the details of the scene may have been different year after year there were few things that never changed. In the light of Christmas morning, we were all together… for 34 years. 

The darkest of times for me came on that 34th year with an unexpected phone call in the black of night on a Tuesday morning. I drove in the darkness along a road illuminated by my headlights to a hospital where my dad had gone in for routine knee surgery andin recovery suffered a massive heartattack. When I left that hospital just six hours later in the blinding noon day sun I was fatherless. And while I can vividly remember standing in the harshness of the sunlight that day outside the hospital, my world fell dark.

If you've never lost a dear loved one so suddenly like this you may have no idea of what I'm talking about. But if you have... you know exactly what I mean. As the curtains were drawn on my spirit and as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, whether I wanted them to or not, in the most baffling of places I've ever found myself God began to show me this truth...

He is in the darkness with me too. 

Of course the bible has a lot to say about darkness that is representative of sin, or evil or being far from God. But there is also the type of darkness that represents the unknown, the incomprehensible qualities of our grand, mysterious Father. God himself is found in this type of darkness more times than I knew in the bible. 

In Genesis 1:2, the second verse of the entire bible we see that "the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters." In Exodus when we read about the structure and the make up of the Tabernacle we read that the Holy of Holies, the symbolical dwelling place of Jehovah, was covered by a veil and kept in the darkness. There is something comforting in knowing that there is absolutely no possible way that our minds could wrap around the grandness of our Father or His plans. Because oftentimes in that grandness there are things that we don't understand and may never this side of heaven. Like the death of your parent, or a spouse of 40 years, or a child. Or a struggling marriage, a lingering illness, a thorn in your side.

Take comfort those of you who find yourself in the darkness even today that God is near. More near than you could ever imagine. That the very breathe you breath is filled with His presence. Rest in that. Then, my friends, look for the light.

2000 years ago the earth was veiled in darkness. God had not spoken to his people in over 400 years. He was silent. And in the darkness of night, in the most humble of ways, light entered this world in the form of a baby, born to a virgin.

Hope in a manger.

Jesus birth brought hope down into our dark world. His teachings shed light into our understanding of what it meant to obey God. His very life was a light filled representation of who our God is. This light that was Jesus Christ grew and grew until it was seemingly extinguished on a hillside on a cross when he was 33 years old. But in that exact moment the veil, that veil we talked about earlier that was concealing the presence of the Lord in darkness, was torn. From top to bottom. From the heavens it was torn.

Light broke through. 

His death offered us salvation, redemption and an invitation not only into heaven but also into a daily relationship with our creator. By laying down His life brought us out of darkness into light.

Then Jesus again spoke to them, saying, “I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.”  | John 8:12 |

For me having hope of Jesus, my salvation and my one day reunion with my God and my dad in heaven was wonderful. But here was the problem. I wasn't there yet. My feet were still planted firmly on this ground we call earth.

"I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living." | Psalms 27:13 |

I'll have to be honest in the first few days, weeks and going into months after the passing of my dad, I was dumbfounded and exhausted by the weight of the grief. I was still here in the land of the living with the constant threat of despair. Everyone grieves in their own unique way, but for me it was sheer exhaustion. I couldn't even find the energy to pick up my bible, the living word of the Lord, my one source of light. Yet God's word rings true when it says... "The Lord is near to the brokenhearted." Pslams 34:18

In a time where I had lost all energy to move towards God, in the blackness that is this unknown place of rediscovering who God is, He drew near to me through His people.

When I couldn't find the energy to pick up my physical bible and read it. His Word broke through the darkness through texts, through cards and through whispers in my ear in a hug. Or simply through the hug itself. We are called to be lights, to reflect the light of Jesus into our dark world, to give the world a hope and a purpose. 

You, my friends, have the opportunity to reflect the light and hope of Jesus to those around you in the midst of darkness.

One of the most hope filled things you can do is remember what God has done for you. To take a picture. Write it down. Record it. And look back on it. Marvel at the work God has done in your life. How many of you all like to sit back and marvel at accomplishments? An organized closet, a tidied bedroom, a finished work project. Did you know that God took pleasure in His work. And took time to rest and reflect on it. When it says that on the seventh day that God rested, did you ever think about the fact that God of the infinite universe didn't need to rest. He wasn't sleepy, you guys.

Matthew Henry says, "He did not rest as one weary, but as one well-pleased with the instances of his own goodness and the manifestations of his own glory."

God created all things perfect. I know we can't do that. But when I was writing these words here, I was sitting in the glow of my Christmas tree. Near perfection. I marveled at it. It is glorious. But not perfect. There is a hole here and there, the ornaments are a hodge podge collected over the years, some of the even predating my self from my mom and dad's first Christmas together 43 years ago. Somehow in our move we misplaced the box with our Christmas lights so I opted for cafe globe lights. You should try it. There was such a mess when we brought it up. There was an entire process of cleaning up afterwards that adds to the now glory of said Christmas tree and makes the final product that much more worth it. This imperfect picture of Christmas tree glory is good. Ahhh.

I began thinking back on the Christmases of the past, those 34 years in the living room with my dad and the past three without. That imperfect, messy, at times dark story of my life with God at work in it, is good too. If anything I need to look back at these pictures to remember His faithfulness and goodness. When He might not feel faithful and my current state may not feel very good we have a tendency to forget. I want to encourage you to take a picture of His goodness, the way He is at work in your life, and remember. Every day remember the hope that is Jesus Christ his birth and death and the hope and light that arrived in the dark of night 2000 years ago.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” | Romans 15:13 |

Stephanie + Adam Wedding Day Sneak Peek — Winter Haven, FL Wedding Photography

Stephanie and Adam's Winter Haven. FL wedding last weekend was nothing short of spectacular! Not only were these two a gorgeous pair with so much classy style, but their lakeside wedding celebration was filled with the sweetest of sentimental details, a glorious golden sunset and so much love. Congrats you two!

xoxo, Caroline

Stephanie + Adam – Winter Haven, FL wedding photography with Caroline Maxcy Photography

Stephanie + Adam – Winter Haven, FL wedding photography with Caroline Maxcy Photography

Zach + Jerrianne — Central Florida Film Engagement Photography — Highlands Hammock State Park, Sebring, FL

Its been far too long since I've blogged an actually full session. So in honor of Zach and Jerrianne tying the knot this weekend (woohoo!) paired with my first engagement session captured on film I thought I'd treat you all with these lovely images from our session at Highlands Hammock State Park filled with lots of film loveliness and all the love. Can't wait to celebrate with these two this coming Saturday! 

xoxo, Caroline

Camera: Contax 645 / Rented from Contax Rentals
Film: FujiPro 400h
Film Processing and Scans: The Find Lab

Sophia + Rodney Wedding Day Sneak Peek — Oregon Fall Green Villa Barn & Garden Wedding — Independence, OR

Since I am over here basically still working on west coast time I'd say it's definitely not too late to post this little teaser from Sophia and Rodney's Oregon wedding filled with all things fall and lovely. (And I may be a little bias but that is one good looking wedding party, complete with my hubby, am I right?) Congrats you two!

xoxo, Caroline

Sophia + Rodney — Green Villa Barn and Gardens Wedding Photography in Independence, Oregon

Sophia + Rodney — Green Villa Barn and Gardens Wedding Photography in Independence, Oregon

Heartland Couples — Marriages Committed to Community and Each Other — Heartland Living Magazine Editorial Photography

You guys how did June come and go so fast? While Florida in June is not generally a big time of year for weddings (folks tend to think it's a bit to hot to be getting all gussied up in a full on wedding gown) for the rest of the world every young woman dreams of becoming a June bride (at least, according to the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. And aren't classic musicals how the most of us learned about life?). June is the official month of matrimony and all things love (a close second to that heart filled day in February.) Earlier this month we debut the June/July Issue of Heartland Living Magazine issue with a special section called "Weddings of the Heart" which  included some of my favorite editorial photos yet on the subject of weddings. If you haven't already check out the pages and pages of loveliness you guys should definitely get your hands on a copy as soon as possible. 

But today I'm taking some sweet time to reflect back in a Heartland Living Magazine story from two years ago I was blessed to be a part of from concept to creation. I even did most of the interviews myself! And can I tell you all, this, this right here is probably one of the most profound things I've ever been a part of. We interviewed and photographed couples across Central Florida that have been married for 40 years or more and what we got was pure gold! If you didn't get to see the article in the Heartland Living Magazine June/July issue of 2014 you definitely missed out. But what I've included here is a little peek into the sweetness that was a snapshot of 40+ years of marriage in each of these couples lives.