Belflower Family — Wauchula, FL Family Photography

I love fall family photo session season for a handful of reasons; gorgeous weather, gorgeous places, happy authentic families, new faces and old faces too. The later just might be my favorite. <3 Getting invited in year after year to capture a family's story melts my heart. I love watching them grow. I love the familiarity. I love it when the kiddos are calling me Aunt Carrie as we go on adventurous hunts for the "perfect photo spot" on the family ranch.  I have been telling the Belflower family's story for three years now and loving every minute of it. From casual family sessions, to Tea Party Birthdays, to Back-to-School adorableness I know I am going to be delighted by what they have come up with everytime. And this fall family session was like none other. Two words... Feather. Ballgowns! Too much cuteness.

Thanks for having me! 

Caroline (a.k.a Aunt Carrie)