Elic & Amanda — Central Florida Engagement Photography

It is so much fun to look back at your path sometimes and put little stars on those spots were God worked extraordinary things in your life that at the time seemed so uncertain, where your steps were shaky and the path hazy. Hindsight is 2020, they say. As much as we are encouraged to keep moving forward, keep striving I can't help but love those times when we get to look back and marvel at His plan all along the way. When I moved back to my hometown 3 1/2 years ago it was one of those hazy times. But I had no doubt God's hand was in it all (or rather it was all in His hands)  but through a season of uncertainty I had to walk/stumble in complete faith. By the grace of my dear God he brought some truly incredible people into my life at this time. Old friends become closer than ever and new friends became dearer than I could have ever imagined. 

I remember the first time I meet Amanda. It was in the Havery's kitchen (where most gatherings seemed to happen those early days back). Sweet and seemingly shy she simply grinned as all the fellas talked of their dear friend, her crazy beau Elic, off at college.  Little did I know that this pairing of names "Elic and Amanda" would become so familiar in my life. The crazy beau Elic came home. Then Amanda jutted off to nursing school at UF. Then I watched as their relationship grew over the next few years into one of maturity, where commitment and faith took center stage. I've studied the word of God with these two over open bibles and slices of pie every Wednesday. I've prayed with these two over futures and families and faith in the Lord. And now I get to celebrate with these two as they bask in the glow of engagement (and come March, marriage!). Congrats Elic and Amanda and thanks for letting me take a walk with you two in a gorgeous park for these photos...