Lisa & Trevor — Lake Wales, FL Engagement Photography

Tis the season of engagements. Which means next year is the year of weddings. I have never had so many weddings booked for the following year before in the history of Caroline Maxcy Photography. And I am loving it!  

As part of my wedding package offerings you have the option of a complimentary engagement session. I include this because, well, I think it is good for you to get comfortable in front of the camera and for us to get to know each other a little better before I follow you around with a camera–all up in your personal business–on your wedding day. Haha. But secretly I offer this complimentary session because love stories are pretty much one of my all time favorite things to capture with my camera. It's purely selfish. I admit. And when things come together like they did for Lisa and Trevor and their Bok Tower Garden's engagement session, I die.

It was a Thursday and the skies were perfectly covered in a soft haze of clouds (ideal photo conditions if you didn't know). Which also meant we had Bok Tower Garden's pretty much all to ourselves as we wandered around the expanse of fields, and rolling hills, and oak tree hammocks, and glass-like ponds with giant lilly-pads, and quiet mansions surrounded by lush gardens. Then we headed to Trevor's family home with a tree-lined entrance like none other... and I could go on, and on, and on... But the most beautiful thing about the day was the evident love between these two. They are goofy and tender and sweet to the core and to top it all off I have the pleasure of calling them my dear, dear friends.

Lisa and Trevor, thanks for letting me tell your story. And I can't wait to celebrate your love-filled wedding day come next May!




Photography: Caroline Maxcy Photography
Hair and Makeup: Michelle Trinder Cathey
 Venue: Bok Tower Gardens