Happy Graduation Kassie! — Lake Placid, FL Senior Photography

Today this lovely gal, Kassie, walked across the graduation stage, and even though I wasn't there to see it I can guarantee you that it was with a poise and grace like no other. Just a year ago if you were to look at my client list and bookings you would have found maybe two entries from the town of Lake Placid, FL. But in the past year I feel like I have spent more time in the town of LP with it's charming people than anywhere else. And I am loving it. You see when my brother snatched up one of Lake Placid's most darling gals as his bride last year our family also got ushered into a community of some of Central Florida's finest folks. Don't get me wrong, I seriously love my "big city" of Sebring and its people but head south on HWY 27 just 20 minutes down the road and you feel like you've stepped out of time and back to a small town type of community where roots run deep, real deep, fellas tip their hats with genuine "how-do-you-dos" and local bonds are thicker than ever. The heart of small town USA is thriving here.

Kassie is one of LP's cream-of-the-crop gals. I had seen her in passing from time to time over the past year. I mean, how could you miss such a gorgeous girl who seemed to always wear a smile. But not until I hopped into the car with her and her boyfriend, Brad, heading off to our shoot together did I really get to know this young woman. Kassie and Brad were truly sweeter than sweet and after two hours of shooting (and a 30 minute drive out to a gorgeous pasture in Venice, FL) the girl was still rocking the camera with that stunner smile (I think her few pageant crown's helped here). She is a beautiful young woman through and through. 

We shot until the sun had long dipped below the oaks along the horizon before starting out on the 30 minute drive back towards Lake Placid. In the back seat of the car with a camera card full of breathtaking images I got to hear a bit of the hearts of these two young folks about to head out on the next leg of their journey (not too far from home) and I got to share a bit of my own. Really, God, this is the job you have given me? Thank you.

Truly, thank you.