Happy Graduation Colton! — Avon Park, FL Senior Photography

As the oldest of two Colton is the first born through and through. Focus, determined and talented, with a quiet confidence about him, the guy seems to excel at most anything he does. He makes news on the baseball team, shines as the lead singer in his church youth band and makes his momma all around proud as he grows into an incredible young man. I could expect nothing less of him in front of the camera on our two part shoot from the ball field to the 10 acre family homestead. He was a natural and knew exactly what he wanted out of his senior images where his focus, determination and complexity shines through.

Every once in a while I convinced Colton to flash that genuine smile of his but it wasn't until his full grown golden retriever, Yeller, piled onto his lap at the end of the shoot that the "boy" broke through. How can a boy (or man, or anyone for that matter) hold back a grin with a giant, happy-go-lucky dog trying to fit in their lap? 

Thanks Colton for being such a gentleman and for allowing me to follow you around with my camera for a bit. Goodluck in what the future brings!