Happy Graduation Madison! — Sebring, FL Senior Photography

Last but certainly not least for my Class of 2013 Seniors I share with you all images from my session with the lovely Madison (and crew). Madison reminds me a lot of myself in high school keeping herself busy as a bee with a whole slew of activities on and off campus. But one thing that is evident about this girl is that she seems to always carve out time for the most important things in life by cultivating family ties and solid bonds between friends.

When I pulled onto the family horse farm for Madison's session, six people and a pup poured out the door to join the shoot. One friend was there to simply help with styling and props, two others were there to actually hop in a shot or two and mom and dad were there... well because they evidently adored their daughter and it would have been physically impossible for them to stay away and hold back their proud ooos and ahhs. When the sun dipped below the horizon before we could wrap up all our planned shots we had to finish things up on another day where two completely new people, Madison's boyfriend and brother, joined the shoot. Between Madison's friends and family (and pup) there were seven folks joining Madison on her shoot to celebrate, honor and love this incredible girl during such an exciting time in life. Thank you Madison (and crew) for letting me into your world to capture a bit of the love you all share! And good luck Madison in what the future holds for you at The University of Florida and beyond!